Pursuing the Positive

Welcome Lifelong Learning enthusiasts. If you are ready to create a path to your next beginning, embark on a new learning adventure, or discover inner gifts and talents you would like to share with the world, you are in the right place. Our coaching path begins with self-discovery and leads to dynamic personal direction. Our coaching partnership will bring to life your passion for learning and living fully by exploring:

aspirations abilities ambitions
certainty confidence connections
how healing hope
intentions interests ideas
enrichment enthusiasm enjoyment
vibrancy vastness values
energy engagement experience
momentum meaning motivation
effectiveness expression expertise
newness nurturing now
talents treasures triumphs
strengths solutions success

At times the desired result of the coaching process will be experienced in the stillness of the moment when certainty guides, as the stepping stone journey when accomplishments expand, or by leaps and bounds momentum when confidence soars.

Your experience will be unique to you, and we'll create this path together. Let's begin.

Choose your coaching preference

Express Solutions

Ideal for individuals who want to actively pursue positive personal growth and dynamic direction within a framework of effective decision-making and purposeful goal setting.

Gaining Momentum

Ideal for individuals who want to talk through and seek new perspectives, new outlooks, new ideas, and new choices toward clarifying and genuinely reaching their desired outcome.

Concentrated Clarity

Ideal for individuals who want to effectively utilize their time to map out a project from start to finish and create a concrete plan of action.

Optimizing Options

Ideal for individuals who want to look at the depth and breadth of many options and choices available to them to achieve flexible and sustainable goals.

Empowered Exploring

Ideal for first and second year college students who are choosing a college major, balancing extra-curricular activities, volunteer service experiences, part-time work, and a full course load.

Purpose and Possibilities

Ideal for juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates who are asking the question: What’s next? Graduate school, long-term volunteer organizations, beginning a family, joining the service, internships, or stepping into your first career.

Discovering Direction

Ideal for college students who are returning to college and looking for career direction, academic guidance, work/family/academic balance.

Best Blend

Ideal for individuals who want to blend the best of all the above packages into a customized action plan.

Coaching Fees

Individual rate: $77.77 per week

Student rate: $44.44 per week

All packages include:

One hour coaching meeting per week

Weekly email support sharing insights, questions, and progress

Online Learning Style Assessment

Personal leadership coaching activities designed to promote positive growth, creative communication, and confident choices

Access to relevant resources chosen purposefully to provide a wealth of information concerning your chosen coaching path

Customized action plan defining your path to meaningful success

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