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Living life fully and purposely can be described as crossing the finish line with drive and determination, jumping for joy with laughter and enthusiasm, standing strong with focus and conviction, reaching for the stars with strength and creativity, and soaring through life with confidence and direction. Engaging in meaningful life endeavors can manifest itself in the completion of a project, the revelation of an inner gift, the building of a relationship, the obtainment of a degree, and the creation of a vision. Working toward success can result in personal and professional satisfaction, financial rewards, realized inner beauty, and the confident expression of one's unique talents and gifts. Our journey of lifelong learning lets us see that not only is success the accomplishment of an end goal it is also present in the process along the way.

As coach and client we manifest success by building a trusting partnership which seeks unlimited potential, connects inner purpose to desired goals, and pursues result-oriented actions. The coaching process recognizes and cultivates one's strengths, gifts, and talents, seeks solutions despite hurdles, promotes purposeful decision-making, and applauds and celebrates positive learning outcomes.

The coaching profession understands that the answers to our questions lie within each one of us. As coach and client committed to this learning process we work together to open the door to a renewed level of inner confidence and from this expanded confidence seek to create a clear path of inspired and productive action. This path is guided by innovative processes, creative coaching activities, and self-discovery assessments designed to define one's vision, clarify values, set goals, build high energy relationships, communicate with purpose, promote life balance, and pursue living and working productively. At this precise moment in time the choice can be made to begin a lifelong learning journey of discovering opportunities and possibilities that lead to success in areas of your life that are important and meaningful to you.

You are welcome to contact me at marygill@pursuingthepositive.com or call me at (970) 222-4726 for more information about lifelong learning and achievement coaching.


Mary Gill

Executive Director, Pursuing the Positive

Certified Professional Coach

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